Burlington Gypsy Moth spraying

Spraying for the Gypsy Moth in four Burlington wooded areas will occur in the third and fourth week of May.

As part of an Integrated Pest Management Program, the City of Burlington will be using a lowflying helicopter to apply a bio-pesticide over four wooded areas to control gypsy moth populations, which causes significant defoliation and potential long-term impact to the City’s urban forest.

The areas include Forestvale/Kerncliff Park, LaSalle Park, Lowville Park and Mountainside Park. The exact date of the spraying is expected to be during the third and fourth weeks of May in the early morning. Weather conditions as well as insect development will determine the exact date.

Spray dates will be posted on the City’s Twitter and Facebook accounts @CityBurlington and online at burlington.ca/gypsymoth at least 48-hours before the spraying. Residents can also use the website to enter their address to see where the spraying will occur in relation to their home or work.

Individuals who have concerns should take reasonable precautions to avoid exposure during a spray program in the same way they would avoid pollen or other airborne materials during days when air quality advisories are issued.

Residents can also reduce exposure by staying indoors with windows and doors shut during the spray period if spraying is taking place in their area, although this is not required by health officials.