OMB rules against proposed development near Lakeshore and Shoreacres

The Ontario Municipal Board has upheld Burlington City Council’s decision to refuse a development proposal for 35 townhomes and four semi-detached homes on Blue Water Place and Avondale Court near the area of Lakeshore Road and Shoreacres Road. The decision was released following an OMB hearing that took place in May 2018.

Burlington City Council voted in favour of the staff report which recommended refusal of the development proposal at a Council meeting on Oct. 31, 2016, on the basis that the development application did not fit the character of the neighbourhood.

“With the OMB decision, the City of Burlington has successfully defended its position to protect stable residential neighbourhoods in our community," said City Manager James Ridge. "This type of development proposal in the city’s stable, low-density neighbourhoods does not meet the vision for how Burlington should be developed as it grows.

"That is why significant documents like the recently adopted new Official Plan are so important in guiding how the city will look as it grows over time. The new Official Plan will help protect the character of established residential areas and direct growth to the areas around our mobility hubs.”

Burlington’s new Official Plan was adopted in April 2018. Through the new plan, 50 per cent of the city will continue to be protected rural land; 34 per cent will remain established residential neighbourhoods; 11 per cent will be land for employment and five per cent of the city will experience significant growth.

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