Home Flood Protection Program

After three years since the worst flood to hit the Appleby Line area, the University of Waterloo, Province of Ontario and City of Burlington announced the launch of the Home Flood Protection Program.

The Home Flood Protection Program aims to help homeowners identify flood risks, take action to reduce those risks and support preventative maintenance activities that reduce risks over the long-term.

This is achieved by a trained assessor who completes a 50-point visual assessment of potential sources of water entry into the home and discusses preventative maintenance practices with homeowners.

“As severe rain events become the new normal", said Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo, "initiatives such the Home Flood Protection Program remind us that although we cannot predict the weather, we can prepare for it."

"Taking the time to understand your home’s unique risks and learning about what actions you can take today to reduce those risks is the most cost-effective and efficient way for a homeowner to invest in flood protection.”

A confidential report is created to provide homeowners with a list of the top actions to reduce flood risk. The pilot program is available for single-family homeowners for a subsidized fee of $125 across Burlington from August to December 2017.

Lessons learned from the pilot program in Burlington will inform a broader rollout of the program across Ontario. The program comes at an important time, as the frequency and severity of extreme weather due to climate change is increasing and exposes many homes to possible basement flooding.

Homeowners who are interested in participating in the program can register online at www.homefloodprotect.ca or call 1-877-876-9235.

Quick Facts

Flooding is the most common type of natural disaster in Canada and is expected to increase in frequency as a result of climate change.

On Aug. 4, 2014, a devastating flood caused damage to over 3,000 homes in Burlington when two months worth of rain fell in eight hours.

Flood-related water damage is the number one cause of household insurance claims in Ontario. The average cost of a flooded basement in the Greater Toronto Area is $40,000.

The Home Flood Protection Program is developed by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaption, an applied research centre at the University of Waterloo that focuses on mobilizing practical and cost-effective solutions to address climate change and extreme weather events.