High speeds on slippery roads can kill

Despite being blasted by our first snowfall with slippery conditions near Appleby Line, many drivers are still driving like it's summer.

Halton Regional Police are urging drivers to slow down during this holiday season. The chances of accidents are increased with icy conditions combined with speed and distracted driving.

Officers continued to conduct targeted enforcement throughout the City of Burlington. Police targeted three locations on December 6th based on complaints received by residents. Kerns Road, Prospect Street and the intersection at Walkers Line and Upper Middle Road were all targeted.

As a result, 93 traffic stops were initiated for Highway Traffic Act violations; police issued 53 Provincial Offence Notices, issued four licence suspension notices and handed out 25 additional warnings to drivers. All violations were for excessive speed, drivers talking on their cell phones, running traffic lights and failing to stop at stop signs.

"There are so many factors that contribute to a collision. By adding excessive speed and distraction, drivers are greatly increasing their chances of jeopardizing their life and the lives of others. Poor driving conditions are only going to add to this. Drivers just need to slow down and focus on their driving and not their cell phones" said Sgt. Jared McLeod of the District Response Unit.

The Halton Regional Police Service is committed to reducing dangerous and aggressive driving behaviors that put all road users at risk.

If you would like to report a traffic concern, you can submit an online traffic complaint at http://www.haltonpolice.ca/PRC/Pages/TrafficComplaints.aspx