Time to wake up your Appleby Line lawn

Looking to grow the perfect lawn this summer? Don't let your lawn hit the snooze button.

“Starting work too soon can be harmful to your lawn, but so can waiting too long,” cautions John Ladds, the operations manager at Weed Man Canada. “Assuming that all traces of snow and standing water are gone, a little spring cleaning can help your lawn thrive the rest of the year.”

As spring temperatures rise and excess moisture evaporates, a thorough raking can do wonders to stimulate growth and root development in your lawn by increasing airflow. Ladds adds that you can give it a further boost by having your lawn aerated. “Soil can compact over the winter and professional services such as mechanical core aeration can significantly help with the penetration of water and nutrients.”

Having a nutrition plan in place is essential. He advises application of a high quality, slow release fertilizer that won't start releasing nutrients until the grass has begun greening naturally on its own.

“The best fertilizers release their nutrients slowly and over a long period,” adds Ladds. “Dead grass patches should be over-seeded to establish thick and healthy turf, preventing weeds from infesting these areas as temperatures warm up.”

Perhaps most importantly, and well in advance of any work, Ladds recommends testing equipment to ensure everything is in good working order. Examine hoses and sprinklers for leaks, and make sure mower blades are optimized, not just for sharpness, but for proper height also. “Checking your tools sooner rather than later means getting your lawn growing as soon as it's ready.”

More information is available at www.weedmancanada.com.

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