2 per cent property tax increase this year

If you live near Appleby Line or anywhere else in Burlington get ready for a 2 per cent property tax increase.

However, if you're a senior there may be some relief from the Senior's Property Tax Rebate Program. You may be eligible for a rebate of $525 if you qualify. That's up from $425.

“There are many competing demands for city tax dollars as well as an urgency to find efficiencies and minimize tax rate increases,” said Mayor Rick Goldring. “We have tried to balance all the city’s needs, prioritize them and forecast with great thought and care to deliver a responsible budget that serves everyone.”

The City of Burlington's portion of property taxes will increase by 3.14 per cent due to a recently approved increased operating budget. Combined with Halton Region and the boards of education, or $17.10 per $100,000 of home assessment, property taxes will increase by two per cent.

Highlights of the approved budget include:

  • The base budget increase of 1.28 per cent is aligned with inflation (Toronto CPI 1.86 per cent) which is consistent with the Long Term Financial Plan objective of competitive property taxes.

  • The base budget maintains the $4.8 million contribution towards the Joseph Brant Hospital reserve fund to meet the city’s $60 million commitment to the redevelopment project. A 1.44 per cent increase dedicated to the renewal of the city’s infrastructure.

  • An additional $20 million in funding has been provided to accelerate roadway renewal needs over the next four years.

  • An additional $20 million of funding has been provided over the next 10 years for surface water drainage projects.

  • $613K in funding (0.43 per cent) to increase service levels in areas such as winter maintenance and stormwater management.

“This budget continues to provide funding to priority areas of infrastructure renewal, the city’s contribution to the hospital redevelopment and maintaining existing services,” said Joan Ford, director of finance.

“In key areas, service levels have been increased.”

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