The miracle on Bryant and Appleby Line

Who says there’s no such thing as Santa Claus?

Just ask someone living on Bryant Crescent and Appleby Line and they’ll tell you otherwise.

For about a month, Bryant Crescent has been under siege with dump trucks and heavy duty construction equipment, while crews busily upgrade underground sanitary sewers. Despite the loud construction noise, it didn’t seem to stop anyone from getting into the Christmas spirit, while installing lights and decorations.

Many streets like Bryant between Burloak and Walker’s Line have also been under construction to update sewer lines as part of the Region-wide Basement Flooding Mitigation Study.

For weeks, the pavement along Bryant Crescent was torn up, the soil dug up so new underground sewer pipes could be installed and covered up again. The traffic and congestion was a nightmare for neighbors and there didn’t seem to be any end in site.

Then one day last week, as fast as it all started, the construction was over just in time for Christmas even with new pavement on Bryant.