Appleby Go station bus schedule changes starting Oct. 4

Starting Sunday, Oct. 4, Burlington Transit will adjust its schedules, affecting a number of routes, including routes serving the Appleby GO station.

All bus routes at Appleby GO station will now use the newly expanded transit loop on the south side south of the station. Other schedule changes are:

Routes 80, 81 and 83 will be moving to the south side of the Appleby GO station. All Burlington Transit bus routes will now connect on the same side of the station.

Routes 1 and 101 will be returning to their regularly scheduled route, which was temporarily adjusted in May 2015 for construction on Waterdown Road. This construction is now complete.

Routes 4, 15 and 20 have been adjusted to better align with recent changes to the GO Transit schedule.

Updated schedules for routes 5 and 21 in addition to some minor trip adjustments on routes 2, 3, 6, 10, 20 and 40 will be included. Schedules will be available online at starting in mid-September and in Burlington Transit’s Ride Guide by the end of September. Transit riders are advised to review changes that may affect their travel plans.

For more information about Burlington Transit, visit

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