Quick tips to prepare your Appleby Line home for fall

As the days grow shorter near Appleby Line, it's time to think about preparing your home for the coming Burlington winter. Check these essentials off your list and you will be finished in no time:


Rodents and ants like to hide in piles of leaves or wood near houses. These should be removed to prevent pests from coming inside, especially in the absence of anti-rodent trim.

Plants and perennial shrubs should be cut and covered to protect against the weather. Cover your pool to prevent debris from accumulating, especially when leaves begin to fall. Patio furniture should be put away or covered to prevent damage. Garden hoses and yard taps should be turned off; don't forget to drain them as any remaining water may freeze and cause them to burst.


It's important to ensure that rain gutters are unobstructed. Blockages can lead to serious water infiltration. Keep in mind that water tends to travel back up to the roof, or fall near the foundations. The accumulation of leaves and debris is the main cause of clogged gutters. Install gutter protection like the Gutter Clean System. This particular type reduces gutter maintenance while preventing water infiltration caused by clogs.


Remove and wash window screens to increase brightness in the absence of sunlight. To improve your windows' insulating performance, try installing weather-stripping film.

To prevent water and cold air infiltration, make sure all weather-stripping is waterproof. If your home has skylights, make sure they are sealed and protected against leaks.

Roof and Chimney

Make sure your roof is in good condition and that any damaged shingles are replaced or repaired as failing to do so could result in serious water infiltration. If your chimney was not swept in the spring, have it done in the fall as it is important to reduce the risk of obstruction associated with creosote build-up.

Heating System

Fall is the perfect time to clean your heating system so you can prevent odours and ensure that things will continue to work smoothly. Stock up on fuel as well, such as wood and oil. If your home is equipped with electric baseboards, simply wash them. If you have a furnace, be sure to clean or replace the air filter, as needed.

If you have an air exchanger, that filter should be cleaned or replaced as well. Vents in the home should be cleaned throughout the winter to keep them working smoothly. Be sure to check the screens as vents can sometimes be home to small rodents.

More information to assist your indoor and outdoor home maintenance practices is available online at alu-rex.com.


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