Two near drownings in Burlington backyard pools

If you haven't taken CPR yet, do it. You could save someones life.

Even though the summer has just begun, two people in Burlington have almost drowned in backyard swimming pools. There were also two close calls in Milton. Fortunately, all the four children who were under 10 survived thanks to someone applying immediate CPR.

Now that the warmer weather has arrived the Halton Regional Police Service is urging everyone who spends time in and around pools to focus on safety.

Every summer in Halton Region there are a number of serious incidents involving near drownings, and in some tragic instances fatal drownings, in the Region. The majority of the incidents have occurred in privately owned backyard pools.

The following practical safety tips can help ensure a safe and fun summer for everyone, particularly when young children are swimming in a backyard pool:

• Ensure that young children who can’t swim wear approved flotation devices.

• Ensure an adult who can swim is designated to observe the pool and closely monitor the safety of the children at all times.

• Ensure the pool does not become overcrowded with swimmers and pools toys which may increase the chance of a child in distress going unnoticed.

• If you own a pool ensure your yard is fenced and secured at all times in accordance with local by-laws.

• If you haven’t already done so consider taking a course in CPR.

For a full list of practical tips visit the Red Cross website-

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