Free Burlington library vegetable seeds

You can borrow more than books from the Burlington Public Library. Now you can also borrow free vegetable seeds.

The BPL Grows Seed Library started May 31 and is a community seed initiative allowing you to grow healthy and affordable food. To get your free seeds, visit the Seed Library located on the second floor at Central Library. Locate the New & Hot shelves opposite the Information Desk and follow these five easy steps.

  1. Read BPL Grows Seed Library Catalogue Summer 2015 to learn more about each plant.

  2. Select up to five packages from the seed collection. You are limited to one pack per plant variety.

  3. Fill out a checkout form available on the shelf.

  4. Give form to a staff member at the info desk or the checkout desk

  5. Pick-up the information sheets about planting and saving seeds

The Seed Library is a shared public resource so borrow only what you intend to plant, grow and save/return. The start-up collection of seeds are heirloom varieties (saved and passed down for generations) and were bought from a vendor that is certified organic.

The BPL Grows Seed Library encourages seed donors to practice organic growing methods and to be honest when providing information on their seed donations. However, there is no guarantee that the seeds donated by community members are organic.

By returning harvested seeds from successful plants, local gardeners help sustain the library’s collection, as well as help cultivate seeds that are especially suited to Burlington’s growing conditions.

The methods for saving seeds will depend on the variety of plant. Some seeds are easy to save and have little risk of cross-pollination, so when you plant seeds next year, you’ll grow the same fruits or vegetables as last year.

These seeds also require fewer steps to save. Some seeds, like those in the squash and pumpkin family, require a bit more work to successfully save. The library encourages gardeners to save seeds from easy plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, and peppers. For seeds that are harder to save, the library would prefer that you wait until you have mastered seed saving.

The BPL Grows Seed Library is funded by the generous support of the Burlington Community Foundation Grant and is provided in partnership with BurlingtonGreen. For more information, please visit or call Denise at 905.639.3611 ext 1801.

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