Burlington continues to be Canada’s No. 1 mid-sized city

MoneySense Magazine has named Burlington Canada’s best mid-sized city for the third year in a row in the magazine’s Best Places to Live 2015.

MoneySense also ranked Burlington the third-best city overall in Canada, including second-best place to raise children. The top five cities on the overall list are Boucherville, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; Burlington, Ontario; St. Albert, Alberta and Blainville, Quebec.

“We are very pleased that MoneySense recognizes what people in Burlington already know,” said Mayor Rick Goldring. “We had some very challenging times last year with the flood and the ice storm. The community pulled together in such an impressive, selfless way. That is part of what makes Burlington so special.”

Best Places to Live 2015 measures 209 cities in 20 categories. Cities of comparable population are measured against others of the same size. MoneySense defines a small city as a population below 100,000, a mid-sized city has a population between 100,000 and 400,000 and a large city has a minimum population of 400,000.

“Burlington offers what really matters to residents,” said City Manager James Ridge. “Burlington has a safe, clean environment, access to health care, great amenities, abundant green space, and Lake Ontario at our doorstep. This is a festival city that also has excellent parks and trails.”

To determine the ranking, MoneySense gathered information on Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomeration and Census Subdivisions, as defined by Statistics Canada. All of the demographic data was supplied by Environics Analytics.

Burlington has done its own research to help plan for the city’s priorities in the next four years through its strategic plan. In a Forum Research Inc. survey conducted on behalf of the city in 2015, more thana quarter of Burlington residents say their quality of life has improved in the past four years. Another 54 per cent say the quality of life has stayed the same.

Burlington is one of Canada’s best and most livable cities, a place where people, nature and business thrive.