Beware of spring coyote activity

During spring, coyotes are seeking dens to raise pups and Appleby Line residents could see an increase in sightings.

“Coyotes adapt to their surroundings and will look for secluded locations along stream banks, ravines or sandy ridges to use as a den, and often use the former den sites of foxes and groundhogs,” Dave Lake, supervisor of animal control for the City of Burlington.

“Coyotes are very timid animals that prefer to avoid humans but they may put on warning displays if they perceive a threat to their pups or den site. For this reason, I would caution dog owners to keep their dogs on leash at all times.”

In the past, coyotes have been seen along the banks of Appleby Creek. Now is the time to be cautious and be aware of the seasonal behaviour of coyotes. Take note of the following safety tips when walking in parks or green spaces.

  • Keep your pet leashed at all times

  • Do not allow pets to chase, harass or corner a coyote

  • Never feed a coyote

  • Never approach a coyote, its den or pups

  • Dispose of all food items from picnics and cooking areas in designated bins

  • Avoid walking at dusk and dawn, which are high activity hours for coyotes

If approached by a coyote:

  • Stop. Pick up small children and pets

  • Stand still

  • Make yourself appear larger by waving your hands in the air

  • Make noise by shouting “GO AWAY,” clapping your hands or blowing a whistle

  • Use hazing techniques, such as popping open an umbrella, shaking your keys or throwing an object near the coyote

  • Slowly back away. Never run from, or turn your back on, a coyote

  • Share your experience by reporting the coyote sighting to

  • If you feel you are in danger, call 911.

To report a coyote sighting, visit or call 905-335-3030. The City of Burlington has posted signs in parks and along trails where coyotes are known to frequent. More signs will be installed as needed.

For more information about living with coyotes, visit or the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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