Costs & update of the Appleby 2014 flood disaster

So far, Halton Region has spent $10.32 million on prevention and to help Burlington residents clean-up after the August 4, 2014 flood disaster.

Almost 1,000 homeowners and family members living near Appleby Line were directly affected by sewage flooding into their basements from unprecedented amounts of rain.

The Region has spent $2 million for the installation of sump pumps, backwater valves, disconnection of weeping tiles and subsidies; $3.2 million for the work on sewage pipes; and $1.62 million to disconnect down spouts. Work continues to assess flood risks and proposed steps to mitigate with ex-gratia payments of $3.5 million.

About $3.2 million will be spent on high risk areas south of the QEW to enhance wastewater collection infrastructure to reduce the risk of future basement flooding from storm events. This work is expected to be complete in 2015.

Report PW-46-14 was approved by Halton Regional Council in November 2014 to initiate several actions to provide enhanced services for homeowners affected by the flood.

According to the report, the Region Wide Basement Flooding Mitigation Study was to be developed in two phases. A final report, including findings from Phase 2 of the study, will be provided to Council in the summer of 2015

Report PW-11-15 outlines the results of Phase 1 of the study, a comprehensive review of the infrastructure in the areas identified as higher risk in the City of Burlington. In Phase 2 of the study, the comprehensive analysis for Region wide infrastructure will be completed.

Specific infrastructure projects will be identified by a consultant to enhance and optimize the wastewater collection system in other areas of Halton Region that may similarly be at higher risk to basement flooding from sanitary sewer backup.

GM BluePlan Engineering Limited was retained to review wastewater infrastructure in areas deemed to be at higher risk of basement flooding and to reduce risk of future flooding.

The City of Burlington has also hired consulting firm AMEC Foster Wheeler to analyze the flood event and its impact on the city’s storm water system. The report from this work is expected in the summer of 2015. Halton Region will review these findings as it relates to the Region Wide Basement Flooding Mitigation Study.

Based on the consultant’s analysis, there were no deficiencies in the wastewater system that could be deemed to have caused basement flooding under typical rainfall events in any of the areas studied.