New Appleby & Mainway red light camera

Running a red light at Appleby Line and Mainway in Burlington to save a few minutes just got expensive.

Even worse, it could kill someone.

On average, there's a collision every week in Halton because someone ran a red light. Since March 2012, 4,988 drivers have been charged running red lights in Halton. That’s unacceptable and preventable

The new installed red light camera at Appleby Line and Mainway is part of a program designed to improve road safety and reduce the number of careless driver. It helps to reduce personal-injury type accidents, improve the safety of our intersections and enhance the quality of life in our community

Cameras snap photos of red light runners 24 hour a day, seven days a week but only operate when a vehicle enters the intersection once the light has turned red. Red light camera tickets are given to registered vehicle owners whose vehicle has been caught going through, or failing to yield at, a red light.

Red light cameras are currently at the following locations:

NEW Appleby Line and Mainway, Burlington

Brant Street and North Service Road, Burlington

NEW Guelph Line and Mountainside Drive/Davidson Court, Burlington

Guelph Line and Upper Middle Road, Burlington

10 Side Road and Ninth Line, Halton Hills

NEW Trafalgar Road and 5 Side Road, Halton Hills

NEW Derry Road and James Snow Parkway, Milton

NEW Derry Road and Ontario Street, Milton

Derry Road and Trafalgar Road,Milton

Trafalgar Road and Leighland Avenue,Oakville

Trafalgar Road and Upper Middle Road,Oakville

NEW Upper Middle Road and Oxford Avenue, Oakville

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