Project Visibility -- Drive safe & clear snow from windows

When you’re driving down Appleby Line make sure the snow is wiped off your windows and plates, or else you could be fined $110.

For the next month, the Halton Regional Police is conducting a public safety campaign Burlington called project visibility to improve winter road safety. During the campaign officers will be focused on:

• Ensuring drivers have adequately removed all snow from their vehicle to afford a clear view to the driver.

• Vehicle license plates both front and back are clear and visible

• Vehicles having properly operating front headlights and taillights

During the winter it is essential that all motorists take a few extra moments before starting out to ensure their vehicle windows are not covered with snow. Unless all of the vehicle windows are cleared of snow and ice, the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle is negatively impacted.

During this campaign, vehicles that have their plates obscured, whether by snow, dirt or faded numbers will also be stopped by police. Vehicles with obscured license plates, for whatever reason, reduce the overall level of driver accountability on our roadways.

For example, police are less able to thoroughly and rapidly investigate reported incidents of aggressive or impaired driving, when citizens are not able to view and report the license plate on the suspect vehicle.

Officers on patrol in Burlington have also observed a significant number of license plates with completely faded or peeling letters/numbers. Although it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure their vehicle has a clearly visible set of plates, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation offers drivers a free replacement of license plates within five years of issue, if there are visibility issues.

Officers will be utilizing a combination of education and enforcement strategies during the project to ensure the drivers they interact with are aware of their responsibilities under the Highway Traffic Act.

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