Keeping your New Year's resolution

If your New Year's resolution is to get into shape there are plenty winter outdoor activities near Appleby Line that will help you get there.

It's no secret Canadian winters can be cold, but don't let that be an easy excuse to put your exercise routine on hold. Many of us pick the couch over the gym when swimsuit season is over, but it's important for your overall health to find ways to keep active in the winter too.

Exercise and physical activity are essential for maintaining your overall health, and are particularly important for those with chronic lung conditions like asthma, as they contribute to good asthma management. If you have asthma, it's equally important to take your maintenance medication as prescribed by your doctor, even when you are symptom free, in order to keep your asthma under control and avoid flare ups.

This winter, embrace the cold and take advantage of common fun and physically-challenging seasonal activities that will exercise your body and your lungs, like:

• Tobogganing: If you enjoy running stairs in the summer, this is the perfect activity for you. Trudging up a snow covered hill with your sled is tough work, but the ride down is well worth it.

• Ice Skating: Skating is a great source of cardio and works your core muscles to provide better balance as you age. It's a great couples activity too, so why not turn off the TV and head out hand-in-hand for a few laps instead?

• Snowshoeing: If you're up for a cardio challenge, snowshoeing is the way to go. The snow creates lots of resistance, working your muscles to keep your body warm.

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