Burlington distracted drivers kill

You’ve seen and cursed distracted drivers on the roads near Appleby Line talking on their cell phones or texting but they still don’t get it. Distracted drivers kill.

In 2013, distracted driving caused more deaths than impaired driving in Ontario. It’s also the cause of 30-50 per cent of collisions, yet people continue to ignore the warnings and choose to drive distracted putting not only their lives at risk but everyone around them.

Halton Regional Police issued 6,857 distracted driving tickets in 2013 and it’s up this year. From Jan. to Oct. 2014, Halton Police issued 6,916 the Region tickets. The Region has decided to do something about it and launched an education campaign called “Thumbs Up Against Distracted Driving”. The idea is to create awareness and encourage dialogue between drivers of all ages in hopes of asking people to take the pledge to put the phone down.

High School Liaison officers will be engaging high school students around the Region to break the habit and put their phones down while driving. A thumb band with the reminder “W82TXT” will be handed out to be worn.

Halton Police encourages everyone to go to www.haltonpolice.ca/HRPSPledge and take the pledge against distracted driving.

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