Hiking at Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Hiking season is upon us. If you live near Appleby Line in Burlington or Oakville, you don't have to travel too far to Bronte Provincial Park to enjoy the great outdoors.

Located along the scenic Bronte Creek and valley this provincial park has a number of trails for various hiking abilities. An admisssion fee is required but a season pass can be purchased at the park.

Mice, Men and Maiden’s Blush – 1 km (45 minutes) easy, barrier free This trail travels over paved surface traveling through the historic, previously logged Burkholder woods. The trail winds through areas of pond life, forest regeneration and swamp habitat. This area is home to many bird, plant and tree species. Visitors can also enjoy rollerblading along this trail (novice 1/2 hour).

Half Moon Valley – 2 km (1 hour) easy – not barrier free This double looped trail takes the visitor down into Bronte Creek valley and through a sensitive wetland habitat. The trail is primarily gravel and boardwalk with staircases at some steep sections. From the lookout platform you can see the creek 80 feet below! Audio Trail Guide available.

Trillium Trail -1km (45 minutes) easy, barrier free This trail is known for its abundance of spring wildflowers. It is especially spectacular when the Trilliums are in bloom.

Logging Trail - .6 km return (15 minutes) easy, barrier free Passing through a beech/maple woodlot, it is home to many spring and mid-summer wildflowers.

Ravine Trail – 2.7 km (1 hour 30 minutes) easy, barrier free The longest trail in the park cuts along side the ravine from the north to south end of the park. Take in all of the forest habitats of Bronte while walking through a dense coniferous forest to a scenic ravine lookout point (a must see in the fall).

Leash Free Path – 1 km (30 minutes) easy, barrier free Let your dog run! Your dog will enjoy running through the tall grass or exploring what is behind the next tree. Enjoy, but remember to stoop and scoop.

For more information www.tourismburlington.com/see-do/sport-recreation/hiking/

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