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Interview with Burlington Locksmith Norm Turbide, Lock R Up Inc. 

by Mario Carr


Q) How can property managers save money, avoid lawsuits

and fines with an Annual Fire Prevention Inspection Check

from a professional locksmith?


A) “The Annual Fire Prevention Inspection Test is my specialty,” said Locksmith Norman Turbide, president of Locker R Up Inc. Turbid a Burlington based residential and commercial locksmith has been in the industry for more than 14 years.


“If you’re a property manager and oversee an office, condo, apartment or other commercial building, I can help you save money, avoid lawsuits and fines by conducting an annual Fire Prevention Inspection Test.”


The test will:


  • Save on expensive repairs

  • Avoid fines

  • Avoid lawsuits

  • Save lives

  • Ensure a safer building

  • Decrease discrepancies and avoid fire department hassles

  • Ensure a properly maintained building

  • Save money

  • Save time


“I will inspect your entire building from top to bottom. I’ll start on the roof top and inspect all doors, locks and stairways right down to the basement to ensure that latches and handles are working properly. I’ll also make sure that all closures and hinges function properly, so tenants are safe in case there is an emergency.


If there is, you don’t have to worry about doors flying open and smoke billowing into the stairways.  If a lock is found faulty and people can’t get out during an emergency you’re looking at major fines and lawsuits.”


The Fire Prevention Inspection Check will also save time and avoid fines during a fire inspection because there will be less discrepancies. When the fire department does an inspection, there will be fewer problems and delays for you since they will fly through saving you time.


Besides avoiding fines, the Fire Prevention Inspection Check, will also save you time and expense to find a qualified locksmith if the fire department encounters problems. The Pre Fire Inspection Check should be done at least once a year to make sure everything is maintained properly so the building is safe.


“It will actually be cheaper for you every year that I perform the inspection. I will know from previous years what to expect, so it will take less time and money because any major problems will have already been repaired. As I perform the inspection any faulty hardware will be fixed or changed.


“If I encounter problems with your doors for example, I’ll fix it immediately. It could just be a broken frame or the doors have to be replaced. Either way, I’ll explain the situation. If these problems aren’t fixed immediately, it could become more expensive for you down the road,” said Turbide.


You can reach Norman Turbide from Lock R Up Inc. to start your Annual Fire Prevention Inspection Check at (905) 632-0113. For more information, please see his website at


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